Sunday, 10 October 2010

Mmm.. fooood!

I spent the first few months of my pregnancy feeling generally hung over most of the time. So sleepy and oh so nauseous! The smell of cooking eggs, freshly ground coffee, fat, bacon, meat, broccoli.. basically anything other than bland cereal and fruit, turned my stomach and sent me running for the bathroom. (I never did actually throw up, I just felt like I was going to all the time!)

It is quite a relief to be out the other side of it and feeling somewhat like my old self again. I can happily say that my eating is back on track and I am no longer restricted to my previously bland diet. I am now diving into salads, rice and veggie dishes, eggs for breakfast, curries, soups, delicious seasonal fruit and lots of vietnamese inspired foods (I have a thing for fish sauce, rice wine vinegar and sweet chilli sauce.. mmm).

In saying that, I am trying to keep to a basic structure with my food (variations of course happen);

Breakfast: Usually raw oats with cereal topper*, 1/2 a grated apple and some soy/rice/a2 milk or a sweet potato and herb omelette

Snack: A piece of fruit and often a weak skim latte, or some home made muesli slice

Lunch: 2 slices of bread (always good quality made with rye/spelt/sourdough/quinoa), ABC butter (almond, cashew, brazil nut), with fresh lettuce from the garden and other salad if we have any. Or leftovers from the night before

Snack: Fruit and a handful of raw nuts, or some salmon, some raw carrots with hommus

Dinner: As I have said above; curries, brown rice with veg & chicken, rice paper rolls, asian soups, spelt/rice/amaranth pasta with tomato based sauces and chicken or lean beef, salads with grilled chicken or fish... lots of variety with dinner!

After dinner: Sometimes a scoop or 2 of low fat ice cream, or fresh fruit (more often than not), or some home made muesli slice, or sometimes some dark chocolate.

* Cereal topper is made with flax, buckwheat, sesame seeds, almonds, pepitas and dried cranberries- I have about 2 tablespoons

Again, I was going to include a whole bunch of really gorgeous photos of all the delicious and healthy food I have been devouring, but alas, silly work computer has other ideas!!


Shawn said...

Hello! Found you! Thanks for the link!
Do you have post of your recipe for your muesli bars please??!!

Ashwee said...

I will check my archives as I have posted it before... stay tuned!

Ashwee said...

Here it is!

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