Thursday, 28 October 2010

What's growing??

Cutting lettuce for lunch
Rocket which had gone to seed very quickly.  I have needed to keep cutting off the stems and flowers  to keep the bottoms thick.
Tommy Toe organic heirloom tomatoes from CERES
Tigarella organic heirloom tomatoes from CERES
mmm minty!
Roly-poly carrots
We are going to have a bumper crop of apricots this year!! Time to get the bird nets!!
Nasturtium grown from seeds and a parsley hedge in the making

The Vietnamese mint is going great guns! A great Ikea purchase!

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green ink said...

Wow, your garden is beautiful! I have got all my winter herbs to put in, and my lavender and ivy are still blooming, but everything else is dying because it's getting so cold and dark :(

My lemon tree is still going ok! I have called him Big Ben. But he only has one lemon :P

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