Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I have not been very good at this 30 day meme!!

I've been a little busy as my gorgeous sister-in-law (and best bud from way back) has just given birth to a little girl! It was amazing to be there while she birthed... I will do a proper post about that soon. 

But first, here's a few days worth of meme...

Day 11– What’s in your makeup bag?
  • Natio mineral foundation
  • Natio bronzer & brush
  • Natio eyeshadow
  • Tweezers
  • Dove tinted moisturiser (for when I can't be bothered with the mineral powder
  • Innoxa eye define stick
  • Massive (or something) mascara
  • Lip gloss (I'm not a lipstick kind of gal)

Day 12– A photograph of the town you live in.

Footscray Park

Our local (awesome!!) library/neighborhood house (I think this may just be the concept visual thing from before it was built.. but it's pretty much the same!)

Day 13– Your favourite musician and why?

There are so many I love!! Right now though, I am rekindling my love for The Smiths.. I think the melancholy vibe offsets my general perkiness nicely.. :) 

Day 14– A TV show you’re currently addicted to.

Embarrassingly I am loving Offspring! I didn't think I would.. and the main character Nina drives me crazy with her OTT awkwardness.. but I do love Dr. Chris!

Day 15– Something you don’t leave the house without.

My iPhone! I feel absolutely naked without it!!

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