Sunday, 10 October 2010

No sugar sweetie pie!

My beautiful sister-in-law Taz has just started blogging!! Please go and make her feel loved by leaving a comment on one of her wonderful sugar-free recipe posts..

Believe me, these are really super delicious recipes and you wont even notice that they are free of cane sugar!

I was going to put a gorgeous cute photo of Taz here however my work computer is being silly and won't let me. So you have to go over to her blog and see for yourself!

A word from Taz:
Hi everyone, i love cooking, eating and everything else to do with food! Anything sweet i will happily devour...i often spend afternoons just paging through dessert books for my enjoyment. I have however recently decided to give up all things cane sugar. So..its quite the challenge..but i love it! I have been baking food, some succesful and some not..and this blog will be full of what i think is the yummiest sugar free food that i have made. Everything is sweetened with only natural alternatives! Hope it helps you on your sugar free journey.

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