Wednesday, 15 September 2010

16 weeks belly pics

Once again, please ignore my mess- believe it or not, we are in the midst of spring cleaning... Check out my latest op-shop find- the pants are wearing are the most comfy pants I have ever owned! They will see this whole pregnancy through. How very exciting!
Can't really see much of a difference from the front but wait, there's more!!!
BOOM! There it is! 


Kate said...

Wow! You are looking fantastic! Are those fisherman pants? I found a really awesome maternity wear store on fb will send you an invite :o)

Ashwee said...

They are stretchy t-shirt material pants.. (coo-lots!! LOL) They have a string so I can tie them as tight as I need and let them out as I get bigger. I'd love the link to the maternity store though!!

Just been into Ikea and saw all the gorgeous fabrics so I may try and learn to sew something for myself. Fishie pants would be a good project I suspect!

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