Thursday, 2 September 2010

Getting things done

How am I going with this week's goals??

Get some exercise every day: 
I have had "some" kind of exercise each day however only one was intentional- an hour long walk when I couldn't sleep the other night.. I have been walking to all my usual activities though so I don't feel too bad about that.

Unprocessed foods: 

Mostly- am having a love affair with mixed bean and salad pitas with chilli mango chutney! I did have a pretty scary encounter with some very American looking cheese pizza at Costco. Have you seen the SIZE of those pieces!!?

Pack my "doula bag" for my sister in law's birth

I have started and got the essential items such as massage oil, a massage ball, lollies, clothes for me, a couple of facewashers, a wheatbag etc.. a few more things and I'm ready. She's just about to pop so I'd better get a wriggle on with the other things!

Do my tax!! Do it dammit!: 

I did it!!! And I'm getting a $710 back! Whoot!!

Meditation CD:
I have been listening to this without fail each night. Little M sometimes plays it in the morning as she finds it very relaxing. I'm looking for a children's meditation audio resource for her as she loves mine so much. 

Set up a Smart Piggy savings account to save for midwife costs:
Done!! See the little icon below- I'll put another in the sidebar I think too. You never know who might want to help our dream come true!

Get a haircut:

Not yet, but I am absolutely desperate for one!

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