Monday, 20 September 2010

Day 1/30- A day in the life of us!

I started my day feeling not too flash.. Sat in bed for much longer than I should have while Molly pottered around and got ready for her day. One of my Twitter status updates was "Hubby knows what I need when I'm sick; hot drinks, bed and Twitter".. So that's what I did until he needed to leave.

Thanks to Charlie and Lola, Molly loves "pink milk"... When I looked at the back of the tins of commercial powder stuff I decided making it with real strawberries was a much better decision. We both drink it regularly- Ut's delushus!

Molly's contribution..

Cupcake decorating time! We decided to make cupcakes to celebrate my sister-in-law's estimated due date and share them at a picnic later today.

Buckling up and heading off to Pipemaker's Park for our picnic.

Cousins enjoying the pipes together!

Happy EDD Mezz... (nothing yet!)

The cupcakes were a howling success!

Upon our return home, I set Molly up with a DVD and I watched an inspirational doco about a doula who works with disadvantaged teen mothers in Chicago (see post below for the film).. I had tears streaming down my face for much of it.

Cuddle time...

Molly cleaned her workspace...

I cleaned the kitchen..

Molly cleaned the coffee table..

One of the small joys in my life is to have a clear sink... It's not that much to ask is it??! Yeah, I need a life, you're right...

Feet up after a busy day..

John got home all excited about Brownlow night tonight. He is holding a score sheet and he is making us all participate in a competition. The thing is, only he and his friend Gareth know enough about Footy to have any real chance of winning.. Oh well, he's excited!

Then I fed the worms.. Our 20,000 pets.

Hung out some washing... Yup, we have odd socks.. We just cannot seem to keep our socks together.

Watched Mol on her bike for a while..

John was inspired to clean for his exciting night in..

Our housemate Mayra cooked us dinner- a delicious spicy pork dish with brown rice..

And I finished off my meal with one of these.. This is for you Nicky!

Now I am waiting for our guests to arrive for football's "night of nights".. I am sure I will retire to bed before the winner is announced.

Thanks for joining us!


Nicky said...

Now I have an eggflip big m in the fridge but I don't have any cupcakes :(
I want a cupcake

skinny latte said...

Aww, cuddle time! What an awesome day :) xx

stripeymonkey :) said...

your day looks like fun.... loving those cupcakes!

Cherie said...

LOVING your day, yikes talk about non stop, soooo gorgeous!

Danielle said...

Your day looks like so much fun.z I love the park. I hope your feeling Better xx

T'lia said...

Looks like a jam packed day!! I love the flowers that are blooming= beautiful!

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