Monday, 27 September 2010

Feeling low today...

I'm not sure what it is, and I am afraid to post about it in case it gets worse.. however I need to be honest on here and keep an accurate record of what's going on for me.

I feel so sad this afternoon. I have managed to push it down all morning and get on with stuff. We visited the cafe, went to the supermarket, went to SIL's to make her some lunch (rice paper rolls.. tasty) as she is feeling a little housebound at 41 weeks pregnant. We then came home on foot, and on the way it started raining. Ordinarily, this wouldn't bother me, I would just walk faster. But today it made me so resentful that hubby had taken the car to the studio where it is just sitting in the car park all day. Molly had her raincoat so she was happy but I was dressed for spring and was cold and wet and grumpy.

So now we are home and I should be over it.

I have been sitting on Twitter for too long and should be playing with Molly (instead of letting her veg in front of the TV), or cleaning the kitchen, or doing SOMETHING!! But I just can't.

Things I would like to do this afternoon include: clean up the kitchen, sort preggy clothes in wardrobe  from those that don't fit, cook something with Molly, make a start on our bedroom (it's quite shocking), take some 18 week belly photos.

I'll come back and update my progress with those tasks later..

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Cate said...

I think its better to get things out rather than let them stew. Get a good nights sleep and I hope that you wake up feeling a lot better tomorrow :o)
Beautiful belly pics xx

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