Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Day 9/30- My last purchase and some extra pics from our day..

My last purchase- wheat free, yeast free bread from the Warrandyte Bakery

John's last purchase- a universal remote... we are always losing our 4 remotes! Hope it works!!

And here's a few pics from our little trip to Warrandyte today.

We had a competition to see who could find the longest piece of bark.. Molly won and is pictured here using the bark as a long dinosaur neck so she can reach the leaves at the top of the tree and eat them for lunch.

Here Daddy is holding Molly so she can fly on her  broomstick like the witch from her favourite movie The Wizard of Oz. Daddy is going to photoshop himself out.


skinny latte said...

Kel?! How am I supposed to get back from Warryndyte?! LOL

Love Mollysaurus. What a fun game :)

Cate said...

LOL @ Skinny Latte, I ALWAYS think of that when I hear Warrandyte! Looks like a lovely place, will have to head there when we come down at Christmas time... the bread looks great!

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