Saturday, 18 September 2010

Pregnant + head cold = this sucks....

"I'm really ever so not well Charlie...."

For those of you with small children, you will probably recognize that phrase as the one spoken by poor little Lola (from Charlie and Lola) when she is afflicted with a nasty cold. That's me today... I am such a sook.

I have felt this cold coming on since Wednesday but have been trying to "soldier on" and continue with my normal activities. This morning, however I could no longer ignore my body screaming at me to rest as I literally had no voice, was coughing up little green tree frogs, and felt as if I had swallowed a golf ball. So, for the first time in a very long time, I have decided to take two sick days and have the weekend off work. What a strange thing to be free on a weekend!

I planned to sleep (which I did from 2 till 4pm) but before that I went to the doctor to get a certificate to cover this weekend. We then decided to take a quick trip to the market for a spinach and fetta borek and to listen to the latin band that Molly loves dancing to. It was so nice to do something "weekendy" together. We do spend a lot of time together during the week but there is nothing like the feeling of having no other commitments for the day. When we got home, I totally crashed and slept for two hours. it was so nice..

I awoke to the sound of my inlaws, John and Molly pottering around in the garden (a lovely sound to wake up to). They came to help us weed. The garden has been quite out of control with all the rain we have had over winter and the weeds had started to take over. After letting myself wake up I popped my boots on and helped get stuck into the garden and we really did a great job. No more weeds in the front garden and it is now ready to plant the pretty flowers Molly and I chose from Bunnings the other day.

While I was sleeping John and Molly made sushi hand rolls so dinner was taken care of too!

I am looking forward to another restful day tomorrow!


Cate said...

Hope you are feeling better really soon! Sounds like a lovely day though :o)

skinny latte said...

Hope you feel better soon babe! :) [love the description of the little green frogs! heh heh] xxx

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