Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Day 3/30- Perfect first date..

I had known John for several years before we were actually "on" together- He is my best friend's brother.. yeah, that was an awkward time... lol...That said, many of our first "dates" went like this:

1. Catch train from opposite ends of Melbourne and meet under the Flinders Street Station clocks

Flinders Street Station

2. Have a cuddle under the clocks

Degraves Street Cafes

Degraves Street, Melbourne

3. Meander to our favourite coffee drinking spot- Degraves Street (for those of you who are not from Melbourne or don't spend much time in the city, Degraves Street is an eclectic enclave of cafes, restaurants and boutique bars- the architecture is wonderful and mostly original and the smoke from the chimneys of wood fired ovens billows above your head as you walk through. It can get really busy at lunch time but it is well worth the visit. There is also some wicked street art in the laneways around) 

4. Wander around the city/botanical gardens/along the river

Melbourne City and the Yarra River

Track from Richmond to the city along the Yarra

5. Head to one of our houses to spend the evening together

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Cate said...

I love it! It would definitely have been awkward to begin with, but totally awesome having your bestie as your sister in law lol!

I saw a travel show segment on that area in melbourne, looks fantastic! Cant wait to visit :o)

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