Friday, 3 September 2010


Today I have been so productive. I love it when the first trimester fog wears off!! A few of the things I have done today include;

- 9 loads of laundry (don't ask how it got so out of control... yes I have bought new underwear instead of washing some.. ugh 1st trimester!!)

- Cleaned the kitchen, including washing, drying, putting away the dishes, moving and cleaning the dishrack and the area underneath... and the taps, stove, oven, microwave, fridge

- re-organised Molly's desk space (which I have hijacked to put my shiny new laptop on) and moved some shelves next to the desk, general organisation and tidy of the are. Much easier to keep neat now!

- Loaded a whole bunch of my CDs onto itunes and my phone

- Did an hour of yoga using youtube clips.. love it!!

- Made healthy brown rice pudding

- Went grocery shopping (walked)

- Harvested some nettles for drying and made some fresh nettle and peppermint tea

- Weeded the back garden

- Folded all the nappies I strip washed the other day and they are now neatly put away for when this bundle arrives!!

There's more but I need to scoot now as we are heading to the pub for my uncle's birthday dinner!
My latest purchase... It just about sums me up right now!! I definately have a 2nd trimester appetite!

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AlleyCat said...

Excellent work!!! I easily do 9 loads of washing a week - Plumbing Boy wears a load a day & if I leave it all to the weekend.........

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